Dana Boyer, LMSW, CAADC

Dana Boyer, LMSW, CAADC

I believe that every day is a gift.  Through my own experience in therapy I learned how to increase self confidence, self love, and live each day fully. I started practicing yoga and found that it provided a sense of community I hadn’t expected. This led to further exploration in meditative practices, which I have found very helpful. Regular mindfulness practice reduces my day-to-day stress, and increases my clarity and effectiveness in working with clients.  Mindfulness is one of many interventions that I teach and encourage clients to use to alleviate their symptoms.  My goal is to collaborate with clients to find tools that achieve prompt relief and maintain long-lasting change.   

I have been working in the counseling and social work field for 16 years.  As an experienced therapist I help adults, teens, and couples with a wide range of concerns including: addictions, depression, anxiety, job and career dilemmas, trauma, stress management, relationships, and post-partum anxiety/depression.  I will help you mindfully discover your relationship to your self, others, and the world. 

My background includes a Master's Degree in Social Work — I am a Licensed Master's Social Worker (LMSW) in the state of Michigan.  I have a speciality in addiction counseling — Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC).  I perform Substance Abuse Evaluations for the Michigan Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD). 

I have participated in leading meditation groups through the Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness, and highly endorse their services.  Check them out at http://grandrapidscenterformindfulness.com. I was a volunteer advocate for the YWCA Sexual Assault Program for over five years:  http://www.ywcawcmi.org. I also led General Anxiety Groups at the Anxiety Resource Center: www.anxietyresourcecenter.org 

Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. When you're mindful, you observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad. Instead of letting your life pass you by, mindfulness means living in the moment and awakening to experience.