Happy Anniversary!

October 1, 2013 marks the 1-year anniversary of Barbara Williams and I moving into our office space.  I am grateful for so many things, and I would like to share a few.  

1. Barbara is the best office-mate I could have asked for. Period.   Also, she's a great therapist and she's quite funny, which is nice to have around.  :-)

2. I am grateful for my clients, who allow me to take a glimpse into their lives in an open, trusting, and vulnerable way. 

3. I am grateful for the support I have received from my partner, friends, and colleagues about running a business. I was trained to do therapy. The business details are a learning curve!

4. I am grateful for Gerontology Network, Pine Rest, and Third Coast Counseling Center, who invited me to work part time while I built my business, understanding my desire for growth and change. 

5. I am grateful to participate in the Mindfulness and Psychotherapy program through the Institute of Meditation and Psychotherapy, in which I will learn and grow personally and professionally over the next 9 months.

6. Lastly, I am grateful you took the time to read this, and if you e-mail or call and mention our first year office anniversary, I’d be happy to offer a free consultation or a discounted group rate!